Doc By Doc Hammer
While we’re still pining away for THE VENTURE BROS. here at SBM, or wherever in the world we are now, we are finding som esolace in this gallery of co-creatyor Doc Hammer’s gallery at deviantART . As one commentator put it, “he really likes painting chicks in bras.” Suddenly we understand Doctor Girlfriend so much better.


  1. really? I mean….really? don’t get me wrong, chicks in negligee are great, they tend the laughing embers of my soul, but….really? you are above that I thought-you are now. so what will you do with it? don’t forget your artistic background, your home is in creation. This is coming from a low level marine
    officer w/hilarity resonance. let us travel the planes otherwise unfounded…or not. whatever

  2. I think he’s brilliant. Every great painter has something that they’re REALLY good at, and it would seem he has found his already. Few people have that level of talent any more, and I’m glad that he does. We need more gifted, funny, remarkable people in the world.
    You’re great, Eric. I’m rooting for you.

  3. Doc Hammer is fiendishly deserving of some kind of devilish accolades from Dante or the Marquis de Sade for his oil on canvas works. The reason being is that they all remind me of ladies I have gone out with at some point in my life (I am 33 and live in Orange County, California). They have left my passionate company with that same stark and burglarized expression, wearing the same thing…just a bra. Could it be that Eric plunders women’s clothing from his models during painting sessions, like I did during the heat of passion (I know I need help)? Does he capture true emotion by stimulating it, like Cecil B. Demille? Or are the girls just sad that they have a rare birth defect athelia (nippleless chicks) and the bras are there to veil the sadden truth. Whatever the case, I like the work and you sir have got me to take out the canvas and acrylics for myself. Let the stroking begin! Thanks Doc.

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