Some rumors about the upcoming Spider-Man musical are beginning to leak out:

Director Julie Taymor revealed that they recently had a workshop of the Broadway musical version of “Spider-Man.” Julie who directed “Across the Universe” is working on the show with U2’s Bono and The Edge. At the recent workshop, Evan Rachel Wood played Mary Jane and her “Across the Universe” co-star Jim Sturgess played Spider-Man.

The Beat’s quest for ’08 is very simple: we are not resting until we have scored an interview with Bono about what it’s like to write a SPIDER-MAN musical. This is right in our wheelhouse!


  1. Here’s my question: when did “wheelhouse” replace “bailiwick” as a word to describe “a thing that relates to my interests?” For years, it was “bailiwick” this and “bailiwick” that, and now all of a sudden it’s “wheelhouse” as though “bailiwick” never even existed.

  2. Wasn’t there already a Spiderman musical? Or was it just a cd? Oh no wait, it was a rock opera. I guess that’s different. Now I want to go home and rock out to the Doctor Octopus song!

  3. That little animation alone so greatly reduces the enjoyability of the internet to where I hesitate to open a browser window for fear of seeing it. Thanks for ruining my morning coffee.

  4. I think what Liz is referring to is a little obscure Spider-Man – Rock opera LP that was released in 1972 that had Peter Parker and Doctor Strange holding a seance to communicate with Peter’s Uncle Ben in order to fight the Kingpin – or some other crazy mumbo jumbo. I think the music was supplied by the Webspinners. I remember pestering my mom’s ass to buy it for me on my birthday at a Wal green’s drug store after seeing it advertised on a tv commercial so many times. It had some real bitchin’ Romita artwork in it and a great fold out poster that I had tacked on to my bedroom wall for the longest time throughout grade school.

    There was another album called Reflections of A Super Hero that was released four or five years, but I think I passed on that one.

    Then there were all those Power Records for a buck a piece at most Two Guys stores….

    Damn, am I really that old??



  5. Rock Reflections of a Super Hero! It was brilliant! Three good songs! One more than the Beyond The Grave Rockcomic!

    Dial B for Blog had a bit of a look back at the Rockcomic…here.

    There is nothing about this musical that sounds good to me. Flipping BONO. Flaming MYTH OF THE ARACHNID.



  6. they had a rock style them park show at universal studios hollywood with pyrotechnics and stuff that included green goblin and mj. the show was called spiderman rocks. it was removed because of issues regarding the creator of the actual songs in the show, i think.