D.J. Coffman has been handed a cease and desist by Platinum:

UPDATE HERE: I just received a cease and desist letter from Platinum about using the HeroBynight.com, and HeroByNight.net addresses that I’d bought and hosted for the past two years. I did have them pointing to my djcoffman.com site, after I stopped receiving payments on time, and didn’t want the money I had spent to advertise on places like Comic Book Resources to go promoting the project that was dead in the water. I’m putting it all back the way it was now, or just putting the URLS up for transfer to them, no problem.

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  1. Interesting. They’re 15 million dollars in debt but are wasting time doing this. While they may just fold up, they might also do something a company I once worked for did. One day they were operating under one name, but the next day the letterheads changed and they were operating under a different name, and creditors for the old company were out of luck because they had another previously unused corporation set up and waiting in the wings which they just turned themselves into, something they’d clearly planned on for a couple years because it takes time to create a new corporation.

  2. DJ shouldn’t turn the sites over to them without cash compensation. He paid for them, he created them, he maintained them. He should get paid for his work.

  3. I’ve been watching this Platinum/Coffman thing for some time and I think the man has been working real hard to be a straight-shooter and that’s really hard to do.

    I think the domain is a separate issue from the IP. He can take down all of the material and not promote it as the site for “Hero by Night”, but he can just as easily hand over the domain to an organization that helps runaways or something and it’d be his right.

    I understand that it’s a matter of wanting to maintain a pleasant relationship. But since Platinum has been publicly strong-arming Coffman of late, there’s no reason to be overly solicitous. It appears to be less than mutual.

    He’s been playing fair, but he shouldn’t have to roll over.

  4. I have started following this very recently with the new info from the Wowio/Platinum merger. It’s like the sixties era of recording contracts. Creative cool people getting screwed over by money grubbers…

    And then the attorneys rubbing their hands together and looking down like circling vultures. Geh.

    HAtes this stuff.


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