Forget Disney+ Day, have you signed up for “America’s Favorite Streaming Platform” Vought+?

The official Twitter account for Vought International, the massive corporation behind the Supes in The Boys, shared a video promoting how…super…their platform is. As Homelander (Antony Starr) says, it contains the greatest content in the world.

The parody marketing video stars some familiar faces from The Seven. Even Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell) gets into the mix, though his contribution is solely found on cue cards. Not only will you find the best movies and series, but also news and sports from “people you can trust.” 

For those not in the know, you can’t trust anything Vought says. Ever. 

The Boys is gearing up to release season 3 soon, with new characters such as Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy entering the fray. Recently at NYCC ‘21, many of the main cast reminisced about the success of the first two incredible seasons. 

Watch the Vought+ video below and stay tuned for season 3 release dates.