Recent SEC filings reveal more of how the Disney-Marvel deal went down. You can read the whole thing here, but if it gives you a headache,
Ben Fritz explains in layman’s terms.

In June, Iger made his intentions clear and the two companies embarked on a nearly three-month-long series of negotiations that involved four in-person meetings, numerous phone discussions and an intense back-and-forth over price that culminated in the $4-billion deal announced Aug. 31.

Plus, lots of Marvel execs made lots of money on the deal. No shock there.

Meanwhile, the search for a new Disney studio head goes on, following Dick Cook’s abrupt departure.:

Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive Bob Iger must act quickly to replace studio head Dick Cook to avoid further destabilizing the Burbank-based movie operation.

Cook’s abrupt departure Friday is upsetting employees, many of whom are finding it difficult to focus on work because they are anxious about their future. In addition, stars and filmmakers do not like to face uncertainty and want assurances that their projects will remain on track.

High on the list: Disney Channels Worldwide president Rich Ross, who has overseen the rampant success of things like Hannah Montana and High School Musical. He’s also been instrumental in reaching the boys with Disney XD. Not too much to parse in regards to Marvel developments except that mark our words — DAZZLER: THE MUSICAL.