It’s Saturday, so let’s take a look at some digital comics sales going on this weekend.

The big one is the Marvel 50% off sale at Comixology.  The key here is putting “Marvel50” in the box when the shopping cart prompts you for a code.  This sale continues a really annoying trend with Comixology’s UIX where it’s all subsections on a single page and you can’t easily link to an individual subsection.  Honestly, 50% off isn’t the best price we’ve seen lately for a lot of these titles… and that’s probably rubbing salt in the wound of people who were hoping to see another 99¢ sale right now.  But go ahead and browse.

Seemingly to prove the point that 50% off isn’t a such a big deal anymore, there’s also an “up to 65% off” sale for “Weapons of Mutant Destruction.”  Here’s the Amazon link and here’s the Comixology link.  I haven’t really been into anything on this list, but there was a minor amount of buzz around the titular Weapons of Mutant Destruction Event when it came out.

Perhaps of a little wider appeal is the “Vertigo Fantasy Sale,” where some of the franchises are on sale for $5.99/ pop.  This is another one where Amazon has the same sale prices, but doesn’t seem to have link to the sale as a whole.  While I personally find Sandman Mystery Theatre to be woefully under-appreciated these days, I’m not sure I’d call it fantasy, but let’s just list off the more notable series in the sale and you can proceed from there.