Time for another look at some of the digital comics sales going on today.

First up, there’s the “DC Crime Sale.”  Vertigo Crime Sale + Bendis is more like it, but that’s all DC from the airplane view.  Here’s the Amazon link and here’s the Comixology link.  I’m not sure there’s a stinker in the bunch, either.  Let’s break the highlights down by series. 100 Bullets is the Azzarello/Risso series about a mysterious “Agent” who gives people 100 untraceable bullets to shoot those who’ve wronged them.  It’s quite a bit deeper, but that’s the starting point.  Sheriff of Babylon is the pre-Mister Miracle Tom King/Mitch Gerads story about intrigue around a murder during the training of the Baghdad police force in 2003.  I highly recommend reading both volumes back to back.  Scarlet by Bendis and Maleev is probably the best Bendis title of the last decade and concerns a young woman who starts a revolution after a run in with corrupt cops.  Scalped is Jason Aaron’s and R.M. Guera’s thriller about about an undercover FBI agent investigating organized crime at the Indian Reservation he was born at and thought he’d escaped.  Powers is the cops in a superhero world series that Bendis and Oeming have been working on since 2000.  Get Jiro is Anthony Bordain’s series about a sushi chef with a dark past that co-mingles chefs with organized crime.


Also going on right now is the “Massive Valiant Sale,” which is essentially the entire line.  Valiant has a bit of continuity to it, so you really want to start out sampling the original core books.  Archer & Armstrong is the action comedy (“The 1%” are the villains.) X-O Manowarnominally the flagship title, is an ancient Visigoth who comes into possession of godlike alien armor.  Harbinger is about Psiots (think mutants) and is a surprisingly dark meditation on the teen experience.  It also introduces the Valiant universe’s Big Bad: Harada.  Bloodshot is about a nanite-powered, nigh-indestructible super soldier who’s regaining his memory and not happy about it.  Shadowman is the horror title, a man whose family line is ridden by a loa and seeks to keep the keep the Deadside at bay.  Start with the Jordan/Zircher material.