Digital Lizards of Doom, writer Gabriel Valentin and artist Ernie Najera‘s graphic novel tie-in to the multimedia world of Valentin’s creation, has found a new home. Mad Cave’s Papercutz imprint will release Digital Lizards of Doom! Level 1: Dizzy Doom in bookstores and comic shops later this year.

Here’s how Papercutz describes the book:

When a magical trickster secretly traps an entire universe inside a video game world, a young warrior named Dizzy Doom must search for answers to unravel the mystery. But as villains from another galaxy come to attack his kingdom, Dizzy is forced to make an unlikely alliance with a mysterious ninja and cyborg cat pirate. Dizzy’s ideology will be tested, as he comes to realize everything is not always as it seems.

The graphic novel is the first in a series for which Valentin is also building out the story’s video game world through digital content and music. The book was originally published by Clover Press in 2021 following a successful IndieGogo campaign in 2020. 

In a statement announcing the arrival of the graphic novel at Papercutz, Valentin expounded on the overall themes of DLOD:

“Everyone is born with a super power,” said DLOD creator Gabriel Valentin. “It’s called the power of imagination. And Digital Lizards of Doom is here to celebrate that creative wonder, while teaching life lessons that kids of any age can take with them into their day-to-day lives.”

Check out an interior preview of the graphic novel below. Digital Lizards of Doom! Level 1: Dizzy Doom is due out in stores on Tuesday, December 5th.


  1. It still blows my mind that dlod always gets the shaft. Literally one of if not the most creative books period right now and you all keep sleepin on it. This is why we cant have nice things. Hopefully this book will finally get the respect it deserves.

  2. @kc3po yeah thats me. I didn’t mean to sound hostile. lost in translation I guess. I’m not much of a comics guy, but my mom and I are huge gamers and dlod has been a nice gateway book into the comics realm for me. I’m aware that my opinion might not hold as much water now. but I don’t care. not even just comics alone, but novels as well. the dlod books are doing more for fantasy than anything else I am seeing right now. its very refreshing.

  3. Oh no! You didn’t sound hostile at all. I came in late to the live stream and most of the comments were from someone named Chris and then when Gabe told us to check out the article I came over here and put two and two together hehe. Also I agree! I started reading dlod on level 3 and then read levels 1 and 2 after. You can feel the love and care. So many details and easter eggs of our favorite things.

  4. Y’all that’s super cool! Always cool to see dlod stuff around, I’ve been into the series for a long time. Actually, one year at school we had this whole presentation sort of thing for my art class, where you get to claim and decorate a section of the library and put your art up, and one of the things I put up on mine was a drawing of Dizzy. I’m excited to see where this is going tbh, can’t wait!!

  5. vol 2 and vol 3 was in fact lkc publishing. but they also rereleased vol 1. I’m excited to read this version. this will apparently be the original version before clover press edited things out.

  6. OMG! You’re right! I just looked. I thought Clover did the first two levels! Yeah I am excited to read the new version as well. We can call it “Gabes Version” hehehe!

  7. @katie that is so cool! I love the DLoD books too! Dizzy is also my favorite! ♡♡♡( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) ♡♡♡ I went into high-school when the second book came out and it helped get me through covid. Shokunin forever! ⺖⺖⺖⺖

  8. The rise of DLOD will go down in history. It’s insane how far the book has come and how far it will undoubtedly travel to

  9. Can’t wait to say that I was actually a day one when these guys blow. It’s about time there’s some real press!

  10. This is the three day weekend news I needed. I have only read the second two books, because my comic shop wasn’t able to get the first book anymore for some reason. I’m excited to finally get to read it! Book three hit me in the feels. Best fantasy we have had in a long time. Props to the creative team behind this series.

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