It’s the weekend and there are a few digital sales going on.  Why are you looking so surprised?

First up, we have the “Marvel Rising” sale.  Here’s the Amazon link and here’s the Comixology link.  I have no problem recommending the first volume of Ms. Marvel, although I do think it loses its edge after V. 1 as it dives too quickly into the rest of the Marvel Universe.  Perils of being a gateway title, I suppose.  Also of note, while it’s not something I ever personally got into, an awful lot of people like Squirrel Girl.  (But more in the tpbs, I suppose.)


DC has its “Hidden Gems” sale at Comixology.  This is another one where the sale is also going on at Amazon, but they don’t seem to have bothered building a link page to it. The biggest hidden gem is DC Meets Looney Tunesif you haven’t read the stunning Batman/Elmer Fudd, that’s the cover feature for this reprint volume and that’s what your getting it for.  Best single issue of 2017 as far as I’m concerned.  If you like Batman, you could do worse than the 90s No Man’s Land arcwhere Gotham gets cut off from the mainland and goes feudal.  And for something completely different, but not as completely different as Looney Tunes, there’s Superman: Emperor Joker –  the non-spoiler tagline would be “what if the Joker laid hands on a Cosmic Cube?”

And strictly on Comixology, there’s the “Indie Sci-Fi Sale.”  I’ll point out two things here.  While I haven’t personally tried Lady Mechanika yet, it’s usually one of the best selling creator owned comics when a new issue comics out, particularly creator-owned outside Image, and you really can’t argue with $1.99 for the first digital tpb.  I have read some Atomic Robo before and if you’re in the market for a fun-forward comic about a robot fighting back the forces of mad science, you could do a lot worse.


  1. I’m not sure if it’s a mistake, but Wayward Book One collecting the first 10 issues is in that Indy Sci-Fi sale for 99 cents. That’s a smokin deal.

  2. An article of recommendations by a guy who either hasn’t read the title or read a little and didn’t like it. Comics journalism at its finest…

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