There’s a Green Arrow digital sale going on through Monday.  Here’s a look at some of the highlights:

If you’re looking for an overview of the character, Green Arrow: A Celebration of 75 Years is 500 pages for $5.99 and certainly gives you a lot of pages for the money.  You also get a bit of Kirby and Alan Moore work in that one.  And yes, Green Arrow really does date back to 1941.

The most famous Green Arrow sequence is probably still the Denny O’Neil / Neal Adams run of Green Lantern/Green Arrow.  This is the “socially relevant” run from the early 1970s and probably the most overtly political comic of its day.  This run has received a ton of awards and recognition over the years.

Mike Grell took Green Arrow back into the spotlight in the late 1980s with Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters, a dark tale that had Green Arrow give up his trademark gadget arrows for “normal” arrows.  He then continued with an 80-issue run on the relaunched Green Arrow monthly series.

A few years after that series closed and after a sequence of adventures with Connor Hawke as Green Arrow and Oliver Queen dead, a new Green Arrow series launched with Kevin Smith writing that was pretty popular (and opened in a very metaphysical storyline).  That whole run is collected here.


I’d call those the highlights, though some prefer the Brad Meltzer run, the Lemire run, the current Rebirth era series or the TV show version.

There’s plenty of material for browsing.