It’s time to take a quick look at some of the digital comics sales going on right now.

There’s an Iron Fist sale going on right now, coinciding with the new season on Netflix.  Here’s your guide to follow Iron Fist through the years.

The Iron Fist Epic Collection covers the early year of the feature – Marvel Premiere through the solo series with a couple of Marvel Team-Up issues.  There’s a nice chunk of early Claremont/Byrne work in here and it was in the solo title that Sabertooth first appeared.

That leads into the two Power Man & Iron First Epic Collections.  So far, this has been the longest running Iron Fist title.

The next big Iron Fist series was The Immortal Iron Fist A lot of people divide this series into two halves: the Ed Brubaker & Matt Fraction run vs. the Duane Swierczynski run that closed the series.  I say that’s a silly distinction to make.  It’s a fine comic for the entire run.  Doesn’t hurt one bit that the primary artists are David Aja and Travel Foreman.  This is the definitive run for a lot of people and it really is good.  Also, Fat Cobra.  (You’ll find out.)

There’s also a James Bond (007) sale going on.

If you like the old school cold war Ian Fleming novels, don’t ask any questions, just get Kill Chain.  It’s everything you liked about the From Russia With Love era novels updated to modern day, and the updating is seamless.

The Warren Ellis/Jason Masters books are also fun, but have a bit more of the movie influence, so if that’s your Bond, these are a good place to start.

In general, Dynamite’s done a good job with this license and there’s nothing I’d avoid here.

There are some Chuck Austen era X-Men digital tpbs on sale, but those are things I’d avoid if I were you.


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