Marvel has a couple sales going on right now, so let’s take a look at what’s being discounted.

The “main” sale seems to be the Civil War Sale.  You can go out and get a completely stupid number of Civil War tie-in books.  Yes, this is where the modern age of too many tie-ins really started.  Here’s how you might want to approach Civil War.  The main title, Civil War is the action movie plot.  Things blow up, people get punched.  If you want any detail beyond the action, you know… the real plot, you need to read Civil War Frontline.  This is where Ben Urich tries to get to the bottom of what’s really happened and who’s behind the registration act.  I’ve maintained for years that you shouldn’t read Civil War without reading Frontline, but it’s never really marketed that way.

Now, when you get through those three volumes (there are two volumes to Frontline because there’s more plot), maybe you want to look at Civil War: Wolverine, since that’s where Logan tracks down those responsible for the inciting incident.

Past that, your mileage may vary from title to title.  This is the core.

The other sale going on is the a Donny Cates sale.  And maybe they do need to have a digital sale for Cates, since we’ve been noting his digital sales seem to be quite a bit below where the print orders are.  I read the Cates stuff on Unlimited, so I’m not current on this (I’ve been waiting for a bit more of Damnation to be on the app before starting), but I’ve liked the early issues of Doctor Strange and Thanos well enough.  This sale is really three things: Doctor Strange by Donny Cates Vol. 1: God of Magic, wherein Loki assumes the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme; Doctor Strange: Damnation – Complete Collection, wherein Mephisto does Vegas; and Thanos Wins, wherein Thanos journeys to the end of time to meet his very successful future self.  And Cosmic Ghost Rider.  If you want to be somewhat current, the first four issues of the Cates/Stegman Venom series are 99¢ each.

And since today is Batman Day, after all, it would be remiss not to remind you there’s a Batman digital sale going on, too.