The “DC Spotlight: The Flash Sale” is going on right now, so lets have a look at what’s good.

The value buys here, especially in terms of page count are the Silver Age  sequence of 400+ page books: The Flash: A Celebration of 75 Years and The Flash: The Silver Age V.1-2 are all $5.99.


There’s a decent chuck of the ’87-’09 series on sale and there was a lot to like about those volumes, where the eras tend to be defined by the writer.  They’re also relatively thick volumes for the most part.

You’ve got the Mark Waid era, which is where Waid’s star really began to rise.  Greg Larocque and Mike Wieringo are the artists most associated with the Waid era.

Then Grant Morrison & Mark Millar did some work on the title after Waid.  Yes, the occasionally worked together back in the day.

And then Geoff Johns did a long run of Flash early in his career.  For my money, Johns wasn’t able to get close to his Wally West run with this Barry Allen revival.  If you want some Johns books in this sale, this is the run to get.  The first couple volumes are also good values with over 400 pages, plus I’ve always thought Johns and Scott Kolins were a good creative pairing on Flash


If you’re wanting the current take on The Flash, the current (rebirth) edition has six volumes available for $5.99.

There’s a more to sale, particularly if you have a higher tolerance for Flashpoint than I do, so feel free to have a browse on your own.


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