By Deanna Destito

When Chris Evans tweeted a goodbye to the MCU Avengers back in October, his heartfelt sendoff sent fans reeling. With speculation that Cap was going to die heroically in Avengers 4 (due out May 2019), the actor’s message all but confirmed it…or did it?

According to the film’s director Joe Russo, the First Avenger isn’t done just yet. In an interview with ET Canada, Russo teased, “He’s not done yet, and I won’t explain what that means but the audience will soon understand what I’m talking about.”


While most people (some Beat staff included) speculate that the statement is intended to generate buzz for the movie and throw off fans who assumed the old boy would eat it in the next installment, others have a few theories on what this could mean. Here are some to consider:

  • Nomad: When Steve is tired of government officials being shady and he needs a break, he goes by Nomad, which means “man without a country”. Many fans who know about Nomad figured he was already going by that name after Civil War and during Infinity War.
  • Winter Soldier/Falcon Series: The limited series for Disney’s streaming service was announced last month. Could this be a cryptic way to say Chris Evans has already filmed a few scenes for the show?
  • Only 1 Survives of the Big 3: If you consider Cap, Thor, and Iron Man as the top 3 of the team, maybe Steve retires after losing Tony and everyone’s favorite Asgardian. He will pass the shield to Bucky or Sam (who have both been Cap at one point) and will retire happily in an overpriced apartment in Brooklyn.
  • Time Travel: After all, there is a time stone in Thanos’ gauntlet. Some fans think Steve will use the gem to travel back to where he left off during World War II, which means he and Peggy can finally have that dance. As heartwarming as that is, time travel gets complicated. Wouldn’t that completely erase everything that happened in the MCU so far?

I guess we’ll have to wait for May to find out the truth!


  1. He said Chris Evans isn’t done….not Chris as Captain. When they’re not outright lying to protect movie secrets (which I’m fine with), they tend to be very precise in their language. And Evans has expressed an interest in directing. So my guess is he’s going to direct some of the episodes of the Bucky/Falcon TV show.

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