About Comics’s Nat Gertler reports that the collection of You’ll All Be Sorry!, Gail Simone’s epochal humor column from the Golden Age of the Internet, has been delayed…but it will contain much NEW and BONUS material, including 50 all-new Condensed Comics Classics:

You’ll All Be Sorry!, the collection of Gail Simone’s humor columns, is indeed late (the first significantly late book in the 10 years About Comics has been publishing), but it is now complete and printed, and will hit stores in early January. As advertised, it includes some new Gail material — a couple new columns (including “How to Write Comics the Gail Simone Way, with Boobs and Food!”), and a new humorous introduction/column. But those of you who followed Gail’s column may remember the Condensed Comics Classics, where she got various famous comics creators to do very short funny script versions of some of their famous work. And yes, Gail has collected some of those from her columns in this.

But for the book, Gail reached out to her friends, and got more than 50 all-new Condensed Comics Classics, which are scattered through the pages of this book. They are short bits, but the writers include some of the biggest names in comics. Kurt Busiek, Darwyn Cooke, Peter David, George Perez, Adam Hughes, Marv Wolfman, and many more are in here.

Also, if you’ve seen other books of columns, you’ve seen that they tend to look like, well, flat piles of text, not necessarily the most appealing thing to the comics reader. To counter this, we gave each piece it’s own layout. We didn’t try to go hyper-slick, but the scripts look like scripts, the web pages look like web pages. Check out this sample selection of pages, and you’ll see some examples (as well as the full table of contents.)


As we said, this book is running late, and comics retailers are currently going through the Order Adjustment period, when retailers can change their orders on a late-running book. So if you’re interested in buying a copy, tell your retailer now to make sure they order enough.


  1. It’s a really fun book, and lots of great people contributed.

    I want to also make it 100% absolutely crystal clear that it’s my fault the book was delayed, not Nat’s or anyone affiliated with About Comics. For any inconvenience this causes anyone, I take full responsibility and offer my sincere apologies.

    Nat’s put out a really great product here, and I hope people pick it up and look at it and read the funny parts.

    Thanks, Heidi. And a huge thank you to Nat Gertler for making such a fun book.