IDW has hired a new editor named Denton J. Tipton to assist Chris Ryall. We also expect he will fill the void left by the departure of Ryder Windham from the editorial ranks long ago, and no, we can’t explain that joke either.

Denton J. Tipton, a journalist and former comics retailer, is the new Editor at IDW Publishing. He will be assisting IDW’s Publisher/Editor-In-Chief Chris Ryall with a variety of editing tasks, including overseeing the Transformers line of books and other projects yet to be announced.

Denton Tipton spent the past seven years in the field of journalism, most recently as an editor at the San Diego Union-Tribune. A longtime comics connoisseur, Denton has seen the industry from many sides, having been a fan, retailer, writer, and now an editor.

“It seems that my entire life has been leading up to this moment,” says Tipton. “My years in comics, as both a hobby and a business, and my career in journalism, have given me the insight and professional tools needed to be a successful comic book editor.

“I’m eternally grateful to Ted Adams and Chris Ryall for taking a chance on me, and I aim to make sure their choice was a wise one. IDW is a top-notch publisher, and the staff has been the most welcoming that I’ve seen. Excited barely begins to describe my feelings.”

Chris Ryall, IDW’s Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, added, “Denton’s editorial background and knowledge of and experience in the comics industry make him a great fit for the role here. I’m happy to have him here, and not just so he can run cover for me during pitch meetings at Comic-Con.”


  1. There is a tradition of journalists working as comicbook editors, of which Denny O’Neil and our gracious blogstress are but two stellar examples!
    Congratulations! IDW offers a great catalog of titles, which makes your job both easier (talent is attracted by success) and more difficult (readers expect quality every time they buy your books).

  2. Mark,

    As far as I know, no. But that doesn’t stop everyone at IDW worrying about a takeover! I’ve never met Scott or David, and I’m sure the gang will try to keep it that way!

  3. My belated congratulations to Denton J. Tipton.

    I had no idea I left a void. I only tried not to leave a mess.

    —Ryder Windham