Just as with Thanos popping up in various games including the massively popular Fortnite Battle Royale, this week’s return of Deadpool to the big screen will bring the merc with a mouth and the time-hopping Cable to various tie-ins across Marvel’s platforms with special Deadpool themed content. First up, the Marvel Strike Force mobile game.

The surprisingly addictive turn-based battle game for phones and tablets has helped Marvel fans pass hours of Uber rides and restaurant waits with enjoyable gameplay. This new Deadpool themed content will add a special event and new raids to the game and its cast of characters.

Starting today, S.T.R.I.K.E. agents can work to unlock and battle against the immortal antihero in brand-new Deadpool 2-themed Raids and Blitzes. As an ally of your Strike Force, utilize Deadpool’s eclectic arsenal of weapons and kick-ass moves to battle it out against the enemies of S.H.I.E.L.D and earn “chimichanga” premium mOrbs for special Deadpool 2-themed gear. Based on your level in the game, Deadpool could also be your enemy in battle, so be prepared to fend off piñatas full of tricks and surprises.

Just as with the Infinity War event, content will only be available for a limited time (June 10) in the  special event. Players will be able to unlock the character using in-game orbs. Just as with Thanos, you won’t be able to just purchase the character, instead players will need to grind for character shards in the special event and raid mode until the necessary amount is accumulated.

Perhaps Deadpool Fortnite can’t be far behind?

Deadpool will be available on Marvel Strike Force starting today while Cable will come to the game starting May 24.

Marvel Strike Force is free to download on iOS and Google Play.