Deadpool and Cable might not be the best of friends, but that doesn’t stop Marvel from teaming up the unlikely duo again and again. This time instead of going with the classic idea of putting the pair into a book under the moniker Cable & Deadpool, Marvel placed Deadpool’s name first in Deadpool & Cable: Split Second. Co-creator Fabian Nicieza is returning to the comic book with illustrator Reilly Brown. The news came straight from Polygon, who announced that the comic will debut in October as an exclusive digital first series from Marvel. The story will unfold over the course of six-issues, and each two chapters will be represented again as a physical comic book on store shelves. Expect to see the print versions in December. The story involves time travel, with Cable trying to set the future back into place and honor contractual obligations by killing the man who Cable believes to have created the wrong future. The team has also revealed that time travel will be a factor in the upcoming mini-series as well as a brand new villain gracing the Marvel Universe.

Nicieza shared this quote about the series with Polygon explaining that the story is about “love lost and love found.” He elaborated; “It is about struggling through a life of regret and struggling through the soulful tug of conscience that nags at us as a species, tasking us to ask of ourselves, ‘Is this all I am? Is this all I can be? Do I have the courage to be more?’

Brown reassured readers by explaining that “Deadpool shoots a lot of guys.”



Penciled by REILLY BROWN


Variant cover by KRIS ANKA

Call them a duo with a special kind of dynamics … call them the odd couple but with guns … call them 90s comics distilled down into two characters — DEADPOOL AND CABLE ARE BACK, BABY! That’s right — The Merc with the Mouth and the Soldier with the Scowl are together again in this all-new series! When Cable gets a vision of a terrible future set off by the death of one man, he knows he must protect him no matter what! I’ll get you three guesses who’s been hired to kill that guy. Go on, guess. The fan favorite team of Fabian Nicieza & Reilly Brown have reunited to get the gang back together — and it feels so good!