200608240333DEAD WEST by the doughty duo of Rick Spears and Rob G. (TEENAGERS FROM MARS) is the latest graphic novel to be headed to the big screen. According to Fangoria, Adam Green (HATCHET) is slated to direct.

Stephen L’Heureux is producing under his Solipsist Films banner (currently in preproduction on LOST SOULS director Janusz Kaminski’s WWII drama WHITE ROSE).

This time, Green will be shifting away from the swampy environs of HATCHET and splashing the red against an Old West backdrop. Based on the 2005 graphic novel of the same name by Rick Spears and Rob G., WEST concerns a bounty hunter who happens upon the cursed town of Lazarus, a plot of land that was once an Indian village but was laid to waste during westward expansion. This settlement soon lives up to its name when its former inhabitants rise from the dead to exact revenge on the “white manâ€? who put ’em six feet under.


  1. About 4 years ago my buddy Ray Fawkes and I came up with a pitch for a comic startlingly similar to Dead West, entitled Resurrection. Outlaws searching for buried Confederate gold come to a town (the titular Resurrection) cursed by an indian shaman to be overrun by the walking dead, as revenge for an indian settlement being wiped out by the construction of a railroad. We shopped it around to a few places but this was before the great Zombie Boom and so nobody bit.

    Now there’s a movie being made with the same premise! Goddammit.

    (I’m not suggesting at all that there’s foul play involved, it’s not really a terribly original idea so it doesn’t surprise me that others had the same one. Our timing was just off.)

    Again, goddammit.

  2. Stephen L’Heureux is producing under his Solipsist Films banner (currently in preproduction on LOST SOULS director Janusz Kaminski’s WWII drama WHITE ROSE)

    A bit off-topic, but if somebody wants to REALLY know about The White Rose, then go and watch SOPHIE SCHOLL, which is one of the most brilliant German films of the past years. I’m not sure if there is a sub-titled version out there. It chronicles the final days of Sophie Scholl, who co-founded the White Rose with her brother and is based on the Gestapo protocolls of her questioning before her execution. It’s despite its simplicity scary as hell and shows how much of a hero that student during the 3rd Reich really was. Don’t wait for the Hollywood treatment. Watch the real thing. I mean, oh god, Christina Ricci as Sophie Scholl? With Oskar Schindler, er, Qui-Gon, er, Liam Neeson as her father.

    Please, no

  3. Thomas Gerhardt, There are two film currently being made entitled The White Rose. The White Rose Janusz Kaminski is directing and Stephen L’Heureux is producing is the story of a Russian fighter pilot during WWII. Big huge movie and not a remake.

    As for Dead West looks cool.

  4. Kim Gerard is right. “White Rose” is based on the life of Lidya Litvak, who holds the distinction of being the world’s highest scoring female fighter pilot. It is entirely different from the White Rose resistance organization that Sophie Scholl is associated with.

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