Generation ZeroGeneration Zero, a new story from DC Comics due out on FCBD 2020, will tease the publisher’s future with a story centered on Wally West, the publisher announced Wednesday.

The story is due out with the rest of the FCBD stuff on May 2, and it’s being described in publicity material as the start of the “march towards DC’s future,” which is something much of the comics world has known was coming for some time. It will have two parts. One part will be the Scott Snyder and Bryan Hitch collaboration from Wonder Woman #750, in which Wonder Woman reveals herself as the world’s first superhero.

The other part will be an original story by Scott Lobdell and Brett Booth. Now, a word of warning — this might be considered a spoiler. But that story will essentially be an epilogue to the duo’s Flash Forward miniseries, which is slated to wrap up on Feb. 19, with its sixth issue.

Here’s how DC marketing and PR is describing that one:

In order to save his children and the multiverse itself, Wally West makes the ultimate sacrifice, taking his place in the Moebius Chair. Unbeknownst to him, the chair is packing a little extra power, having been imbued with the godlike powers of Dr. Manhattan! Now armed with infinite knowledge – and the powers of a god – Wally West can see the past, present and future of the DC Universe all at once.
…Including what needs to be changed.

The cover by Francis Manapul (above) provides a brief glimpse of Generation Zero Wally West, still running fast but now potentially running fast through the metaverse continuity with his new supercharge Doctor M blue omnipotence.

If you didn’t read our piece about DC Comics 5G, all of this Generation Zero stuff might be a bit confusing. So, allow me to briefly try to simplify. DC editorial leadership has created a new timeline of everything that has happened in its long, 80-plus year history. In that timeline, there are essentially five generations. Wonder Woman is the first superhero to reveal herself to the world, kicking off the first generation in World War I (see the Snyder/Hitch short that will also be in the FCBD issue). A second generation starts with the appearance of Superman, and a third spans from Crisis on Infinite Earths (1986) to Flashpoint (2011). The fourth generation is the one we’re in now, and a fifth generation is yet to come. The rumor is this will all be lined up eventually via a mix of Hypertime and Crisis, explaining how characters like Batman, for example, could have been active for so many years.

Anyway, when DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio was doling out the first hints of these giant plans to the public at NYCC last year, he was interjecting things like, “Hey, I don’t remember reading that story!” between his generational talk. This all points to May’s Generation Zero being a starting point for both telling those stories like Dan suggested and moving toward the new fifth generation of heroes in the near future, with Wally West through the center of it all.

Oh, and that’s not all DC has coming for free comic book day. The publisher will have another entry promoting its middle grade content with a multi-story sampler. Information about that, along with the covers, can be found directly from the publisher below:

For fans of middle grade graphic novels, DC’s “flipbook” style sampler is sized to match the dimensions of DC’s middle grade titles and will feature the first chapters of Batman: Overdrive and Batman Tales: Once Upon A Crime.

Written by Shea Fontana (DC Super Hero Girls) with art by Marcelo Di Chiara, Batman: Overdrive is a heartfelt story touching on the importance of friendship, trust, and forgiveness. Driven to solve the mystery of his parents’ murders, teen loner Bruce Wayne sharpens his detective and fighting skills as he searches Gotham City for clues to the identity of those responsible. Bruce processes the pain and guilt of their deaths by rebuilding his dad’s first car. As he finds parts to restore the car, Bruce is forced to open himself up to new challenges and friendships, finding out that what he really desires most isn’t vengeance, but freedom.

Four stories featuring Damian Wayne, Alfred, Batman, and more are the center of Batman Tales: Once Upon A Crime. An anthology that combines characters from the DC Universe with classic fairytales, this book encourages middle-grade audiences to read on their own with short, hilarious stories that help foster a sense of reading accomplishment. The creative team of writer Derek Fridolfs and artist Dustin Nguyen (of Li’L Gotham fame) have returned to their Bat-roots to combine Bat-characters with fairytales such as PinocchioAlice in WonderlandThe Princess and the Pea, and The Snow Queen.

In addition, this free sampler includes sneak peeks at exciting DC middle grade titles, My Video Game Ate My Homework and Primer, which feature all-new original characters.

Generation Zero

Generation Zero


  1. The more and more information comes out, the more DC confirms how ill-conceived this re-re-reboot is. Didio, it’s time fir you to send in your resignation letter.

  2. “Wally West can see the past, present and future of the DC Universe all at once.
    …Including what needs to be changed.”

    ………Nothing! Just stick to any direction and continuity. I started with New 52 and out was okay enough. I was reinvigorated by the “facelift” of Rebirth. I’m not automatically on board for a wholesale reboot with 5G or Generation Zero. So, I’ll drop my DC pull list, probably keep Batman, and then read the FCBD issue. If it’s good, I’ll figure out what else I want to read after that. I did the same with Marvel after Secret Wars, and guess what? I only read maybe one Marvel comic each month.

  3. I’ll see how this 5G thing turns out. I’ll be in the obvious online minority here, but I’m staying fairly optimistic about it. There’s enough pessimism out in the world as it is that I don’t see the point about being pessimistic about fiction on top of that. Am I perhaps giving DC too much credit here? Maybe, but I have nothing to go on other than rumors, so as it is, I’m not getting worked up about it.

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