DC’s December solicitations have revealed a number of new creators coming onto new titles and moving around, including the news that writer Jeff Parker will be riding in on a rogue wave and taking over Aquaman from Geoff Johns; whilst Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato have wrapped their run on The Flash and will be moving to a new DC property in 2014.


Here come the bullet-points:

  • The first news is Jeff Parker’s decision to pop on a pair of trunks and take over on Aquaman, starting with issue #15. While Geoff Johns focuses on Forever Evil, it seems he’ll be cutting back on his other titles in 2014. The first issue of Parker’s run will see Paul Pelletier and Sean Parsons on art.
  • Justice League 3000 has a resolicitation following Kevin Maguire’s departure.
  • The creative team for The Flash have completed their run on the series, meaning December will see Christos Gage and Neil Googe coming on for a one-off issue. Manapul and Buccellato seem set to be announcing a new run with DC on a different title next year.


  • Supergirl will feature a new creative team, as Tony Bedard writes and Yildiray Cinar and Ray McCarthy handle art. This looks to be the title where the new Lobo will make his first appearance.
  • Similarly, Superboy has the new creative team of writers Frank Hannah and Marv Wolfman, along with artist Andres Guinaldo
  • Chad Hardin is announced as the regular artist for Harley Quinn.


  • Dead Boy Detectives, Vertigo’s latest Sandman spinoff series, has been pushed back to December, with Mark Buckingham now credited as co-writer for the book.
  • It’s suggested that Injustice, writer Tom Taylor’s unfairly-panned alt-universe series, may well be ending with issue #12, collecting the digital series up to chapter 36.
  • And Scott McDaniel returns to Nightwing for this cover:



  1. Interesting stuff, lots of creators there I like. I do hope Gage and Googe get the regular gig, they’re both top talent and it’d be interesting to see where they go. And Parker on Aquaman, yay! (Would that it be #25? #15 is long gone. )

    And please God let Bedard cheer up the Supergirl title, that woman never gets a break. As for art, it’s great to see LSH alumnus Cinar attached to the book.

  2. Based on the solicit, I suspect Injustice will relaunch digitally showing what happens in that world after the game.

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