The entire industry is anxiously awaiting the unveiling of what’s behind the Rebirth curtain, and the big reveal is set for Saturday, March 26 at 9am PDT at a press conference during WonderCon that will be open to press and fans with valid WonderCon badges. The event takes place in in Petree Hall at the Los Angeles Convention Center and every attendee will get a a limited edition DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH-themed lithograph, by Jim Lee. 9 am is a little early for some, but a lithograph should be all the incentive you need.
Lee, Dan DiDio, and Geoff Johns will all be there to introduce creative teams, unveiled for the first time, along with the first look at covers, character designs and other REBIRTH artwork, including Geoff Johns’ 80-page DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH Special.

The line-up for the event opens at 7 am and it’s first come, first served.

In case you can’t get to WonderCon, DC will be live streaming the event with DC All Access’ Tiffany Smith hosting, beginning at 9amPST. 

And The Beat herself will be on hand to ask all the tough questions, like “Where are Superman’s pants?”

Art above: totally unrelated DKIII WonderCon variant cover by Howard Porter.


  1. So are Marvel and DC now going to reboot their entire lines every couple years whenever sales slide? I stopped buying DC when they started the New 52 as that was clearly meant to be a jumping off point, and now they have a new jumping off point. Remember when Crisis On Infinite Earths reset everything? Meaningless now. Only important until the next pointless reboot.

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