THIS WEEK: The DC Round-Up team convenes yet again to discuss the six new titles from DC Future State Week Four, a group with lots of very welcome weirdness and no duds.

(WARNING: The following contains mild spoilers for this week’s DC Comics Future State titles.)

Zack Quaintance: Hey team! Welcome back to what I think is week four of Future State. We’ve still got a few new #1s, so anyone want to start with some general thoughts about this last wave of new titles?

Cori McCreery: Well it’s the first week without any actual stinkers, so that’s nice!

Greg Silber: Good stuff. I think I’m running out of things to say about Future State as a whole, but this week didn’t have a single bad comic, and there was at least one #1 that I loved.

Quaintance: I too am running out of stuff to say, but I do have one big take! Which I think this is the week that (surprisingly) felt like it exercised the most freedom. Mostly thinking here of Superman vs. Imperious Lex, and Suicide Squad, which would not have been my first guess for the book that did the most stuff with the multiverse.

Future State

Silber: Yeah, Suicide Squad–or perhaps more accurately, JUSTICE SQUAD–was a nice surprise. I knew I’d like the Mark Russell comic, but I was more skeptical about the umpteenth “evil justice league” story.

McCreery: Truly, I was the most surprised by how much I actually enjoyed Suicide Squad. It felt like a DC version of Dark Reign, which is a concept I really liked even if that one didn’t deliver as much as I’d like it to.