It looks like a new era of comics at mass market is here. Not only has DC’s Walmart exclusives line been so successful that is it expanding, but DC is invading Targets with an exclusive product.

True it’s based on Funko Pops, it’s sword and sorcery and it’s not by Bendis, so hopefully this won’t kill the DM entirely.  The creative line-up is still notable though – Wolfman, Ordway and Louise Simonson. And unlike the Walmart 100 Page Giants it it all NEW material, kicked off with a 32 pages story by Marv Wolfman and Scott Koblish. 

Because of all that new material, it’s priced at $9.99. More graphic novel territory.

The comics will be found in the toy aisles as a sort of add on for the Funko Pop line of sorcery influenced DC characters –  probably only at larger Target’s not the shriveled things we have here in NYC, so Elite Beat Street Team – do your thing!

The move was announced on DC’s website but facts can be found below.

How do superheroes save the world in a universe without technology?

Magic, sword fighting and mystical beasts, obviously!

DC PRIMAL AGE—a new comic book based on the popular retro-style Funko action figure line of the same name—is now available for purchase exclusively at Target stores.

The 100-page one-shot is rooted in the sword and sorcery genre and creates a barbarian mythos behind the Funko action figures, presenting glimpses into the reimagined backstories and superpowers of Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman and other iconic DC characters.

Acclaimed comic book writer Marv Wolfman and artist Scott Koblish tell a 32-page main story featuring an epic battle between the Justice League and The Joker, which is followed by five short stories from fellow legendary comics creators Louise Simonson and Jerry Ordway with artists Phil Winslade, Brent Anderson, Chuck Patton and Keith Pollard.

“Working on DC PRIMAL AGE was great,” stated Wolfman. “I got to play with so many of DC’s most popular characters, but in ways we’ve never seen them before.”

Fans can find DC PRIMAL AGE and their favorite DC Primal Age Funko action figures in the endcap of the toy aisle at Target stores.

For more information about the comic and talent lineup, see below.

100-Page Comic GIANT!
Now exclusively available to purchase at Target stores
MSRP: $9.99
DC Super Heroes in a barbarian world team up for a battle against evil, with the fate of Paradise Island in the balance! As Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Superman work together to stop The Joker and King Shark from sinking Themyscira into the sea, Batman must decide whether he can trust the alien Superman long enough to join forces. He’s ready to help, but at what cost?

Then, learn more about these primitive heroes and villains in five thrilling short stories. Wonder Woman rescues a young boy in the forest and takes an interest in his fate. Mr. Freeze faces a fire-breathing dragon in a fight to save his frozen wife! Batman saves a sorcerer who offers to join his battle against evil. The Joker visits a small village, to devastating effect. And Superman goes rogue…or is there another explanation for his bizarre antics? 

  • “The Primal Age” (32-page main story) – Written by Marv Wolfman with art by Scott Koblish
  • “Born on a Monday” – Written and drawn by Jerry Ordway
  • “Ice and Fire” – Written by Louise Simonson with art by Phil Winslade
  • “Darkest Knight” – Written by Louise Simonson with art by Brent Anderson
  • “The Joker’s Wild” – Written by Jerry Ordway with art by Chuck Patton, Karl Kesel and Tom Derenick
  • “Not a Bird…” – Written by Marv Wolfman with art by Keith Pollard and Jose Marzan Jr.



  1. I really like Louise Simonson, as just putting great Marvel stories that I like to return to (and also including the more recent Sif series in JiM

    Love the 100-page Comic Giant banner on the cover.

  2. Too bad all my local Targets are sold out because a-hole comic book shops bought them all and are reselling them at their shops for three times the price.

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