With all the hype leading up to this Friday’s release of Marvel’s Defenders on Netflix (look out for our review later this week), it’s hard to imagine any reason why news about one of the shows leading up to this Avengers-style collab would steal the spotlight. That said, today’s news about Jessica Jones‘ second season is sucking a lot of air out of the room.

As revealed in a set photo released by Entertainment Weekly, David Tennant, who played the villain Kilgrave in Jessica Jones‘ first season, will be returning to the show in its new storyline. This is surprising because, if you’ve somehow managed to miss the boat or have forgotten over the intervening two years since Jessica Jones was first released, Tennant’s character was killed in the first season finale.

It is not yet known how Kilgrave, also referred to as the Purple Man, will be incorporated into the new season of Jessica Jones, which stars Krysten Ritter as the eponymous superpowered detective. However, since he has powers of mental suggestion and the show deals with themes of trauma and PTSD, that he may appear as some form of mental hallucination interfering with Jessica’s recovery.

Or maybe he’s somehow still alive. This is comics-based media, after all.

Jessica Jones season 2 will be released on Netflix in 2018.


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