Kick Exhib Flyer
London’s New End Gallery has an exhibit of David Lloyd’s art opening today, and Lloyd writes:

It’ll be the first time a exhibition of mine will be entirely devoid of V For Vendetta artwork, mainly for the reason that most all of it is crated and waiting for another venue to hire it out from it’s Cartoon County guardians ( details on that exhibition can be found in a previous entry on this site ). The exhibition at New End will give all you folks sensible enough to come and see it, a chance to check out some of the other works I’ve managed to produce over the years, from Night Raven : House Of Cards, Aliens, Marlowe : The Pencil – the largely unseen Raymond Chandler adaptation, The Horrorist, The Territory, War Stories and Kickback.

Lloyd will also be signing at Orbital, 148, Charing Cross Rd, London, on Saturday, December 6th, from 3-5.