Amend Evans Coverly
Over at Hogan’s Alley!, Daryl Cagle posts his photos from the Memorial Day mingling of the comic strip tribes known as Reuben Awards Weekend. Above, Bill (“FoxTrot”) Amend, left; Greg (“Luann”) Evans, center; and eventual Reuben winner Dave (“Speed Bump”) Coverly.


  1. No offense, but is there a chance that Greg Evans and Dave Coverly were separated at birth? Maybe it’s just me, but they look awfully similar…

  2. Wow, 2/3 of the dudes in that photo are responsible for about 2/5 of my pivotal childhood inspiration and influence.

  3. Russell, I was about to say much the same thing, but about all three of them. When I first saw the photo I assumed I was looking at some trio of famous brothers.