Deep down, you knew that Darth Vader sold too well to sit on the sidelines for very long.  And you also knew the Gillen / Larroca series was not going to be easy to follow up on.  Right on both counts, it seems.

June will see the first issue of a new Darth Vader series from Marvel, and they switching things up by moving backwards across the Star Wars timeline and setting the story in the aftermath of Revenge of the Sith (Episode 3, if you prefer).  Charles Soule will be writing and Giuseppe Camuncoli will be handling the art.

In an interview with IGN, Soule likened the approach to the “Year One” comics trope and said the opening arc would involve Vader’s quest to build his famous red lightsaber.  This gives him a chance to delve a bit into Jedi mythology and the traditions of the lightsaber.

Expect the Inquisitors from Star Wars Rebels to pop up and the Emperor will, of course, figure prominently.  In a way, this could be a bookend to the previous Vader serious.  Remember the famous scene with the cracking glass when Vader realizes he’s been had?  This series is about Vader’s indoctrination and reinvention as the deception’s mechanizations spin forward.


  1. Read the old ones like Purge and the Star Wars adventures one, theyre much better. EU forever. Give us Legends!

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