Back in 2009, during Marvel’s “Dark Reign” event, Norman Osborn assembled his own Dark X-Men team in the vein of his own Dark Avengers. More than a decade later, Marvel has announced that a new Dark X-Men series featuring a squad you’ve never seen before: Madelyne Pryor, Havok, Archangel, Gambit, Azazel, Zero, Albert, and Emplate. 

The series will be written by Written by Steve Foxe and drawn by Jonas Scharf with the first issue featuring a cover dawn by Stephen Segovia.

Dark X-Men

Official press release below:

Since 2019’s revolutionary HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X series, mutantkind has experienced unparalleled growth and prosperity on the island nation Krakoa – but can it really last forever? Following July’s X-MEN: HELLFIRE GALA #1, mutantkind will enter a thrilling new era of uncertainty, danger, and mystery known as FALL OF X! As the X-Men struggle to pull themselves together after their shattering defeat, Madelyne Pryor takes charge with her own twisted team of X-Men in DARK X-MEN!

Written by Steve Foxe (X-Men Annual) and drawn by Jonas Scharf (Avengers of the Wastelands), DARK X-MEN will star a squad of X-Men unlike any other you’ve seen before: Madelyne Pryor, Havok, Archangel, Gambit, Azazel, Zero, Albert, and Emplate. This deadly group will band together to fill the void left by the X-Men, and are seemingly the perfect team to combat the harsh conditions of FALL OF X. Their hearts are in the right place but under the unpredictable leadership of the Goblin Queen and operating out of New York’s new Limbo Embassy, will this team’s dark ways turn the tide for mutantkind or make things far worse?

Following the explosive events of the Hellfire Gala, Madelyne Pryor realizes the world needs the X-Men now more than ever. Havok, Archangel, and Gambit have served on teams before…but never one that looks like this! And how does Gimmick, breakout star of Children of the Atom and 2023’s Marvel’s Voices: Pride, fall under the Goblin Queen’s sway? Find out in the most horrific installment of the X-Men saga yet!

Foxe shared his great excitement to write the series:

“Picking up Madelyne Pryor’s journey is a WILD and terrifying honor. Maddie is coming into DARK X-MEN with a sense of autonomy she’s rarely had over her life—but she’s doing so during the FALL OF X. I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say things aren’t happy-go-lucky for anyone in the mutant orbit right now, and that includes tempestuous redheads who’ve plopped a giant demon castle right off of Central Park. I’m excited for readers to find out how this unlikely cast got summoned under one roof—the ones at Maddie’s side by choice, the ones stuck in Limbo by circumstances out of their control, and the ones who don’t make it out of the first issue alive—and to watch Jonas Scharf unleash a whole new brand of gothic horror-action on the Marvel Universe. This is X-Men by way of Evil Dead and we’re not leaving until we burn the whole place to the ground.”

Look for Dark X-Men #1 to arrive in stores and digitally on Wednesday, August 18th.


  1. Azazel’s addition to the X-Men mythos was such a terrible idea I’m surprised their acknowledging it by bringing him back.

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