dark knight teaser poster

In other DK news, it appears that seven minutes of the film will be shown starting December 14 at IMAX theaters in front of Will Smith’s I AM LEGEND movie.

posted by Mark Coale


  1. Huh.

    That is really quite unlike anything I expected to see on a superhero movie poster. I mean, yeah, in the bogs at the Student Union, perhaps. But not on a poster.

    I was pleasantly surprised by Ledger’s Joker, as well. I still think the Batsuit has been overdesigned into madness, but the Joker looks ace.

    Think I’ll give the spoilers and vids a miss from now on, though. IF I CAN.


  2. graffitti. hmm. Instead, how about hiring a local kid to do a cool tag version on the side of a train? Then you get your photo OP, plus a travelling billboard. Could look better than two zeroes and a dripping red bat logo.

  3. Seven minutes? That could be interesting if it’s like a short film in itself — like the prologue to SIN CITY — but not if it’s a glorified trailer. Reminds me of when BATMAN (1989) opened in theaters. They played 30 minutes of trailers before the film finally started. The trailer for STAR TREK IV must have been 15 minutes long.