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The new Batman film is on the way to beating SPIDER-MAN 3’s one-day box office take:

The domestic box office went into overdrive on Friday as Warner Bros.’ Batman sequel “The Dark Night” stood ready to deliver the best opening day gross ever, taking in an estimated $60 million to $63 million in ticket sales from a record 4,366 theaters.
“Dark Knight,” toplining Christian Bale and directed by Christopher Nolan, could nab the highest opening ever for a non-holiday weekend if business stays as strong as expected on Saturday and Sunday. Previous record-holdover for both opening day and best opening for a non-holiday weekend is “Spider-Man 3.”

“Spider-Man 3” made $59.8 million on its opening Friday, and $151.1 million for the weekend.

Girl note: MAMMA MIA is also doing very well, because people love Meryl Streep musicals and ABBA!

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  1. “I await the inevitable Batman/Mama Mia mash-up with Batman and the Joker singing Dancing Queen.”

    Wasn’t that what WB/DC make Grant Morrison take out of “Arkham Asylum”?

  2. From RottenTomatoes:

    Dark Knight = 94%
    Superman = 93% (Imagine what it would score without the Lois Lane monologue!)
    Superman II = 87%
    Batman – Mask of the Phantasm = 87%
    Batman Begins = 84%
    Batman Returns = 79%
    Superman Returns = 77%
    Batman = 69%

    Batman Forever = 43%
    Superman III = 23%
    Steel = 13%
    Batman & Robin = 12 %
    Superman IV = 11 %
    Catwoman = 10%
    Supergirl = 8%

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