Next year, Dark Horse will publish an English translation of We’ll Soon Be Home Again, a Swedish comic by writer Jessica Bab Bonde and artist Peter Bergting (Joe Golem, The Dark North), which examines the horrors of the Holocaust through survivors who were just children when the atrocities happened. The comic was originally published by Natur & Kultur in 2018.

Here’s Dark Horse’s description of the comic:

In We’ll Soon Be Home Again, the testimonies of six holocaust survivors are presented in comics form. All of them were children then, and are still alive to tell what happened to them and their families. How they survived. What they lost – and how you keep on living, despite it all. Using the first-person point of view allows the stories to get under your skin as survivors describe their persecutions in the Ghetto, the de-humanization and the starvation in the concentration camps, and the industrial scale mass murder taking place in the extermination camps.

In their press release, Dark Horse says that a comic like this is necessary when right-wing extremists and antisemitism have reared their heads, and that we need to be reminded of the horrors of the Holocaust.

While this may seem like too dour of an affair to recommend to younger readers, the Koja Agency, based in Sweden, recommends this book for children aged 11 and up. For those of you interested in reading a preview of the book, you can find one over at School Library Journal.

The English translation of We’ll Soon Be Home Again will be available in comic stores on March 25, 2020, and wherever books are sold on April 7, 2020. Pre-orders are available now; you can also purchase a copy of the Swedish version, Vi kommer snart hem igen, via Natur & Kultur. See the cover of the translated edition from Dark Horse below.

We'll Soon Be Home Again cover art
We’ll Soon Be Home Again cover art