Adding to its impressive library of art books based on video games, movies and more, Dark Horse has announced Go Team Venture!: The Art and Making of The Venture Bros, a new book devoted to all things Venture. Written by Ken Plume, the tome will include indepth interviews with series creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer, with information about the creation of every single episode, from the pilot on.

It’s all here, the earliest sketches of Hank and Dean scribbled in a notebook, pitching the series to Adult Swim, learning the ins and outs of animation, character designs for each season, storyboards, painted backgrounds, behind-the-scenes recollections of how the show came together, and more.  This oversized book is the comprehensive companion to the art and making of the The Venture Bros. and includes a foreword from the voice of fan-favorite character Wonder Boy, Patton Oswalt!

“The Venture Brothers is one of those shows, like Archer, 30 Rock, and Arrested Development, that stands up to repeated viewings,” said Oswalt. “It practically demands them. And this book more than enriches your repeated visits.”


If you’re a Venture head…well I was going to make a crude joke here but if you are a Venture head you just got EXTREMELY EXTREMELY excited. Launched in 2003 (!), the Adult Swim cartoon has assembled a loyal cult following like few other shows, as what started as a parody of Johnny Quest has turned into an ongoing enquiry into the meaning of masculinity, familial ties and heroism. Doctor Girlfriend, The Monarch, Brock Samson, Sgt. Hatred, The Phantom Limb, David Bowie…so many great characters.

And if you’ve ever seen Publick and Hammer speak…yuo know they have thought about this wayyyy more than you ever could.

The book comes out on August 23, 2017, but you can preorder it at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, IndieBound, Things From Another World,, and so on.

Paste had the exclusive and a few interiors:

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  1. Wasn’t this originally announced a few years ago and then inexplicably cancelled? I think I had it pre-ordered on Amazon at one point.

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