Dark Horse has announced an English-language release of Loud: Stories to Make Your Voice Heard, “a new edition of a graphic novel that broaches the topic of gender-based violence, by some of Italy’s most prominent creators in comics.” The Boscarato Award-winning book will be translated by Anna Burton and is scheduled to arrive at your local bookstore and/or public library in July 2024.

Loud: Stories to Make Your Voice Heard

Here’s the description from the publisher:

Loud: Stories to Make Your Voice Heard features works by an inspirational list of creators from the Italian artist collective “Moleste:” Anna Cercignano, Elenora Antonioni, Maurizia Rubino, Francesca Torre, La Tram, Lucia Biagi, Vega Guerrieri, Caterina Ferrante, Laure Guglielmo, Davide Costa, Elis A2B, Carmen Guasco, Marta Macolino, Alessia De Sio, and cover art from Grazia La Padula.

“Ellie, Sabrina, Rose, Laura, Liz, Camilla. Their stories touch us deeply because they happened, and they happen to us, to our sisters, friends, and neighbors. Sometimes, we don’t even realize it, we minimize it, or we just don’t have the tools to understand the many forms gender-based violence takes. From subtle manipulation to outright physical abuse, it knows no boundaries. Loud: Stories to Make Your Voice Heard is a powerful anthology curated by a feminist collective working in solidarity to unite, support, and empower others in the fight against toxic masculinity, both in the comics industry and beyond.  

“Francesca Torre and La Tram’s quote from “Two in One” encapsulates the message best: “Nessuna può farlo per te, ma non devi farlo da sola.” No one can do it for you, but you don’t have to do it alone.”

Arriving July 2024

Loud: Stories to Make Your Voice Heard is scheduled for arrival on bookstore shelves on July 2nd, 2023 and in comic shops on July 3rd, 2024. Will you be seeking out a copy, either at a nearby store or at your local public library?

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