By Steve Morris

Pleased with the success of these teasers at the start of Marvel NOW, it looks like Marvel will now be slowly announcing all their December-launching comics in the same enigmatic single-word fashion.

The first is ‘Lightning’ with writer Daniel Way (currently wrapping up a run with Deadpool) and Steve Dillon (coming in from Punisher MAX, amongst others). This immediately brings to mind the Thunderbolts slogan of ‘Justice… Like Lightning’, although there are a few suggestions this might not be as simple as it seems. That’s right: even on a single-word slogan, we can find multiple suggestions and teasers for what might be happening in December. Comics!

The crosshairs on the image are the same ones from the Avengers X-Sanction miniseries Jeph Loeb wrote as a precursor to AvX and then everybody apparently promptly forgot about. This suggests that Cable will be showing up in this book, returning for another war against those darned Avengers. If this is the case, then it’ll almost certainly be as a result of whatever happens to his daughter, Hope Summers.  Depending on what happens, she may be in the team, or Cable’s motivation. Cable could be an antagonist or protagonist. Single word slogans, Marvel!

With Greg Rucka wrapping up a run with Punisher over the next few months, it’s already been confirmed that the character will be showing up in a mysterious team book somewhere down the line. And hey, if we’re going Thunderbolts and Cable, you could definitely see Frank Castle fitting into that book somehow. Will he join the book?

Other suggestions: Dillon and Way previously collaborated on Wolverine: Origins, which first introduced Daken to the Marvel Universe. After a reasonably successful solo series following that title’s conclusion, Daken may well be primed to show up again here. With Cable around, Domino and Deadpool usually tend to be somewhere close.

Or perhaps this is a Thor/Storm/Living Lightning Team-up series. These are, after all, only speculations. A second teaser will probably be launched later today.


  1. Since Marvel’s marketing and publicity department has been incapable of doing anything even remotely clever over at least the past decade or so, I think it’s safe to go with the obvious and deduce that this is a revamp of Thunderbolts.

  2. Quick, someone give Warren Ellis a Thor/Storm/Living Lightning book with Immonen on art.

    Wacker can make this happen, right? This is now my Christmas wish.

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