Nequs30Daniel Radcliffe is ditching his Harry Potter image — and his pants as several stills from his role in EQUUS show. The stage role famously requires a young star to run around starkers as he blithely blind horses. 17-year-old Radcliffe seems up for the task, and producers have been stunned at how easily he dropped trou:

Thea Sharrock, director of the new show, said: “Oh My God” when she saw Radcliffe undress for the photoshoot in a hangar near Heathrow, according to the producer David Pugh. “There was no hesitancy about taking off his clothes,” he said. “When that boy takes his shirt off, Harry Potter has flown out of Hogwarts for good.”

Producers are said to be “overwhelmed with his talent” which is, all things considered, better than the reverse, if you take our meaning.

To get the mildly pervy taste out of your mind from the proceeding, here is a more wholesome still from the Satanist recruiting film, HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX.


  1. And a whole new category of penis euphamisms comes into being: his “wand,” his “little Harry,” his “Potter,” not to mention related euphamisms, like his “hairy path to a secret English school for wizards,” and come on’s like “Have you ever held a magic wand? Do you want to?”

    Especially as his fans are mostly right about middle school age now, look for a good solod year of fainting girls and filthy jokes.

  2. I think Daniel has become a proud idiot of now. This nude act of this ‘used to be ‘ children’s hero will make children more vulnernable to sexual abuses and children will also be encouraged to experiment with sex at more early ages leading to more sexual traps for them. All because of his act for money.. He is surely not a hero of the society but an enemy of the society.