This December, Mad Cave Studios will launch Dahlia in the Dark. The fantasy adventure series comes from the creative team of writer Joe Corallo, artist Andrea Milana, letterer Micah Myers, and cover artist Chris Shehan. The series follows a delivery driver who stumbles into the middle of a war between supernatural creatures.

Here’s how Mad Cave describes Dahlia in the Dark:

Donny Dahlia is hired to deliver a package from Pennsylvania to New Mexico. What he doesn’t know is that the package is a dangerous magical creature, Maya Luna, and she is the future queen of a Fairy world that has remained hidden until now. Donny and his gang will be caught in the middle of a supernatural war between the changelings and the fairies. A conflict that has been brewing in the shadows for centuries.

Dahlia in the Dark is the latest Mad Cave work for writer Joe Corallo, whose previous work for the publisher includes Becstar and the Lower Your Sights anthology in support of Ukraine. It’s the first collaboration between Corallo and artist Andrea Milana, and Milana’s very first comics work overall.

Talking with The Beat, Corallo and Milana described working on the series:

“I was thrilled when Mad Cave not only reached out to me about writing another book for them, but that they wanted me to work on something that was in many ways a departure from what I had done with Becstar. Crime noir and urban fantasy are genres I’ve always found joy in, so to be able to mash them up and run wild with them was a real treat. And while this book is in many ways different from Becstar, it’s still filled with a lot of personal character moments and even more action!” – Joe Corallo (He/Him)

“At first I was a bit awed about working on Dahlia in the Dark, as it’s the very first comic book series I got the chance to work on! Regardless, I was so excited about it: the story written by Joe got me over the initial hurdle and got me so passionate about the project that drawing that world became almost automatic. I hope my work can convey even a little bit of that passion!” – Andrea Milana (He/Him)

Check out an exclusive preview of the first issue of Dahlia in the Dark, as well as the New York Comic Con-exclusive variant cover by Milana, below. The issue is set to arrive in stores on Wednesday, December 7th.