200610090354Long, long ago we reported on plans to open a chain of Dagwood’s sandwich shoppes, catering to those too lazy to raid their own refrigerators. A report in the St. Petersburg Times reveals that the chain has had a tough time getting off the ground.

The first store for the startup restaurant chain was supposed to have opened in Coral Landings Shopping Center Palm Harbor by mid August. But construction plan changes stalled that until mid November at the earliest.

“It’s a store design we hope to replicate over and over, so we want to be sure we’ve got it done right,” said Frank Brown, vice president of development for the chain co-owned by Dean Young, the Clearwater Beach cartoonist who owns the popular comic strip.

While this one has stalled, more Dagwood’s are planned for
Pinellas, West Palm Beach and Louisiana. Most of the proposed menu is of normal size, but they will also offer a one-foot tall behemoth sporting 1 1/2 pounds of cold cuts.

Mmmmm, salami.


  1. Young did get as far as introducing the idea of the shop as a subplot in the Blondie strip shortly after the announcement – though it seems to have been dropped in the last month or two.