It must be great to be a male guest star on Arrow and find that every other male around you is ridiculously stacked. But that seems to be the case, as a new set of teaser posters for season 2 of the show feature all the main male members of the cast… shirtless. YES SHIRTLESS I SAY


Nothing else I write is going to be read, so there’s no particular point in telling you that Arrow is a TV show re-imagining DC Comics’ Green Arrow as a street vigilante, starring Stephen Amell. Nope, you’re not even bothering to learn that it features Diggle, the greatest TV character of the last five years. Or that season 2 is coming out in October.


If you wanted to, you could find out more about Amell over at TV Line, more of Diggle (David Ramsey) over at ET Online, some Manu Bennett at Access Hollywood, and Colton Haynes at E! Online. But, no, you’re not even reading this.



  1. What a disgusting sexulisation of men. Beat should be ashamed of itself and in reparation has to post pictures of some hot topless bitches.

  2. Carlos, I could not agree more. For how rare it is to see hot topless bitches in the pages of magazines, within comics, in film and television; truly we live in an age where men are increasingly being ignored for the sake of targeting the non-existent female market! It is an OUTRAGE, sir!

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