By Brandon Pascall

Marvel’s Legacy: Avengers panel features Tom Brevoort(Executive Editor), Michael Bandini(Captain Marvel), Ta-Nehisi Coates (Black Panther), Al Ewing (Royals), Nick Spencer (Captain America),Donny Cotes (Dr.Strange), Jim Zub (Thunderbolts), Joe Quesada. Sana Amanat.

The panel kicks off with Joe introducing the rest of the panelists and what they are currently working on/who they are. He continues on, talking about how great the support for Legacy has been and how they have a great line up for us today.

Tom talks Avengers No Surrender #675-690 which will fold all the Avengers titles into a 16 issue long event that will run weekly. Tom, then switches to Mark Waid’s Captain America #695  in which this is the Cap people have been asking for, patriotic, and fun.

Al cuts in with Royals and says the Royals will be encountering an all new alien race and this will be a big Kirby-esc epic story. “The Royals have to fight not just gods but gods of their gods.”

Al then announces a new series called Inhumans Judgement Day where essentially everything Al has done will come to a close and it will be biggest bang for our buck.

Sana takes over for Margaret as she is sick and couldn’t make it. Sana explains that Carol will get pulled into a place that is very familiar but very scary “Think of this as the upside down world of the Marvel Universe.” Michele says that Carol is such a tough character and that while drawing Carol he has grown and talks about how she is such an emotional and well defined character.

Ta-Nehisi Coates now talks Black Panther and how he is bringing back Klaw and that he was never a fan of Claw but this next issue (166) will rewrite Klaw’s backstory and then announces a new series called Rise Of The Black Panther which will be a collaboration between him and Evan Narcisse which will be about Ta-Chaka (Tal-Challas dad).

Donny Cates speaks about Doctor Strange which Loki will helm the title and that Stephen is having his “mid-life crisis” and that this will mirror where Stephen came from, he is going to great lengths to find out who he is and how the book will be filled with surprises and that in the second issue #382 will have something no one will see coming. He then praises the art team and how proud he is with working with them. Cates then stands up and shows off his Thanos shirt and talks his new arc called “Thanos Wins.” Donny says that he is the biggest Thanos fans and he is having the time of his life working on Thanos, he says no one has ever got close to beating everyone before, he’s killed almost half of the Avengers and he wants to explore what happens if Thanos wins.

We go back to Sana as she talks about the new series called Super-Hero Avengers and it’s meant for children and it’s about helping them build good character. The plan is for them to read these books then go out and buy actually comic books.

Sana switches over to announce a new novel called Black Panther: The Young Prince and it will explore what it was like before he was Black Panther and it will be written by Ronald L. Smith.

She then announces another new novel with the Runaways by Christopher Golden and will be released in January 2018, it takes place after the original Brian K Vaughn series.


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