We’re all glad to see 2020 go, and Vault Comics is doing its best to make 2021 a million times better by adding exciting creative teams to their talent pool. Today writer Cullen Bunn and artist Leila Leiz were announced, and just like previous recent announcements, no info about what they are working on has been revealed just yet.

Bunn has grown to be a fan favorite in recent years with his work for Oni Press, Valiant, Marvel, and more, with titles like The Sixth Gun, The Damned, The Tooth, Shadowman, Wolverine, Spider-Man: Season One, and Fear Itself: The Fearless. The writer has also produced short fiction and novels, and his penchant for horror and the supernatural makes him a perfect fit for Vault.

Leiz is also a natural addition for the publisher. Credits include Alters 2: The Story of No-Damn-Name: a Loving Mother with Paul Jenkins and Horde with Arnold Bennett, a supernatural original graphic novel from AfterShock Comics.

Keep checking back to see what else Vault has up its sleeve, including more creative teams and new books for the new year.