One of the small delights of year’s graphic novel crop was Manfried the Man by Caitlin Major and Kelly Barstow. Based on the popular Tumblr comic, it imagines a world where the roles of humans and cats are reversed. While the obvious visual humor of an average little chubby human man doing the things cats normally do was part of the laughter, the surprisingly deep story – involving Manfried running away from his cat owner, and Steve’s reaction to it – was unexpectedly touching.

But we haven’t seen the last of Manfried and Steve! In May the second book in the series will debut, Manfried Saves the Day, and The Beat is happy to exclusively reveal the cover right here and now.

It finds Steve and Manfried both moving and growing, but also deals with what happens wene Steve brings home another stray human, one named…Garfield!

You know what they say: jealous as a human.

Manfried is published by Quirk Books, a publisher that is increasingly getting into the graphic novel space with a line of, well, quirky titles.

Here’s the biblio details:
Manfried Saves the Day
Written by Caitlin Major
Illustrated by Kelly Bastow
Publisher: Quirk Books
Release date: May 14, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-68369-108-2
$14.99 US/CAN

Manfried is back! Get ready for an all-new adventure starring web comic sensation Manfried, the crabby but lovable pet man of slacker tomcat Steve Catson. Things seem to be looking up for them: Steve has a new job making comics and a burgeoning romance with his girlfriend Henrietta. Manfried is making new friends at the local man shelter, helping stray men become socialized so they can find new homes. But when a literal fat cat arrives to develop the neighborhood and shut down Henrietta’s man shelter, the stress pushes the new couple apart. Meanwhile Manfried is none too happy about sharing his home with a younger, cuter, friendlier rival for Steve’s attention: a stray man named Garfield. Can Steve and Henrietta resolve their differences and raise the cash to save the shelter…and is entering Manfried into the Manflower Man Show the best way to do it? Fans and newbies alike will find plenty to enjoy in this funny, topsy-turvy tale based on the popular Manfried the Man web comic.

Here’s a page from the first volume:



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