You already know that Age Matters Vol. 1 with story and art by Enjelicious is scheduled for publication by WEBTOON Unscrolled on January 16th, 2024. But today at The Beat, you can get your first look at the cover! In addition, we are pleased to present an interview with Enjelicious.

The Beat caught up with Enjelicious over email. We learned all about the development of Age Matters, asked about inspirational movies and games, and found out what snack is key for the most intense creative sessions.

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AVERY KAPLAN: What was the genesis of Age Matters?

ENJELICIOUS: I started Age Matters as a discover series on Webtoon, which is now called Canvas. I thought there are already a lot of high school-themed stories on the platform, that’s why I’ve decided about doing a story surrounding adults with fun romance-comedy ideas. 

KAPLAN: Can you tell us about the comic’s journey to the printed page?

ENJELICIOUS: I wasn’t really expecting for my work to get printed. I’m worried that my panels aren’t really made for the print format but thankfully, the Wattpad Webtoon Studios team got my back! I hope you look forward to it! 

KAPLAN: What’s it like to see Age Matters translated into this new format? Have you been involved in the process at all?

ENJELICIOUS: I have worked for several publishers here in my country but this is the first time a work of mine is going to be available globally, that’s why I’m excited and nervous at the same time. Age Matters is my first official series with Webtoon and I hope it goes well.

When I was offered the deal, I had started my production for my latest series Hello Baby, that’s why I wasn’t able to be involved that much but WWS gives me updates from time to time and asks for my checks/opinions and such.

KAPLAN: During the process of posting Age Matters, were there any instances where reader response to a plot point or other story element surprised you? How did this affect the narrative (if it did)?

ENJELICIOUS: The discover version of Age Matters really only involved my two main characters, Rose Choi and Daniel Yoon, but my editor suggested adding two more important characters, which are going to be Dylan Chen and VIA, to make things more interesting.

I remember the feedback for additional characters was positive, especially Dylan. I believe he’s among the most loved character in the series and Age Matters would be very different if he’s not there. And most importantly, Rose’s drawing of Daniel who is called Standiel in the story who is the most popular character in the story, served as a comic relief and recurring gag for the series. Haha. 

KAPLAN: I understand your hobbies include watching films and playing games. Do you have any current favorites in either category?

ENJELICIOUS: From last year’s (2022) films, I loved Turning Red and Everything Everywhere All at Once.

For games, I mostly played Elden Ring on my break after finishing and starting Age Matters Side Stories.

KAPLAN: Has there been any pieces of fan art of Age Matters (or any of your other work) that has been particularly memorable?

ENJELICIOUS: Around 2021, Squid Game was an amazing show – I always make fun of my characters and do memes. I don’t really take them too seriously. Haha.pastedGraphic.png

KAPLAN: Do you have a special snack, drink, or ritual that fuels your most serious creative sessions?

ENJELICIOUS: I always prepare a sandwich and a soy milk that will be able to keep my hunger while catching deadlines. 

Description from the publisher:

“A hopeless romantic and a reclusive billionaire rewrite the rules of friendship, love, and work.

“Age Matters follows 29-year-old Rose Choi as she tries to pick up her life after her ex-boyfriend cheated on, and then dumped her. In need of employment, she takes over her best friend’s odd job to cook and deliver meals to a mysterious boss. This boss turns out to be the 23-year-old CEO of Lime, Daniel Yoon. She finds him too abrasive while he finds her too desperate, but they eventually learn to get along with each other . . . and fall for each other.”