We’ve received information that indicates that THE COVENANT, the upcoming horror film, is not so much based on THE COVENANT, last year’s graphic novel, as they were developed concurrently. A story from last summer in CBR sums it up:

The Sony Screen Gems film, produced in association with Sandstorm Films, has already been green lit with production to start this fall. But before the film comes out you’ll get a chance to enter the world of “The Covenant” in the form of a new four issue original graphic novel to come this September from Top Cow and Spacedog, Inc.. The book is by “Crossing Jordan” writer Aron Coleite (“Proximity Effect”) and artist Tone Rodriguez (“Violent Messiahs”). [snip]

“The Covenant” graphic novel features a story that takes place prior to the events in the upcoming movie and follows a group of four families whose patriarchs wield a vast eldritch power. Those powers have been passed down from father to son for generations.

Ha ha ha ha, they said “eldritch.”


  1. I saw this preview and turned to my girlfriend saying, “this looks like another Hot Topic turn on witches like The Craft…but toss in The Lost Boys too.”

    No sooner that I said it than there was a total scene theft in the Covenant trailer from Lost Boys.

    Ugh. This one is on a “kewel” fector of 11….yeah, one louda.

  2. I think the idea of the books taking place before the movie is pretty fun, actually. That way if you want more background, you can get them and figure it out. I like the show Crossing Jordan and will definitely be seeing the film.

  3. Yes, it is the “Lost Boys” meets “The Craft” with a little bit of “The Highlander” thrown in for good measure. They basically snag anything decent from the aforementioned movies and use them in the movie. The only problem is that the movie itself doesn’t have any central core to it at all. They eye candy is pretty to look at such as the actress who plays Sarah. The special effects are impressive as well, if unnecessary at times. When is Hollywood going to learn that good writing is better than sweet special effects. I sometimes wish they would hobble the CGI and make filmmakers pay more attention to the writing.