Cosplay really comes alive when passion is palpable. In some ways, its how you perform in costume, others its taking a design and personalizing. This is the kind of artistic delight for which I follow one Kalika Evans, or MidnightPursona on Twitter.

“I love seeing creative people make a character in their own way!”

Meg Fabbri: When did you start cosplaying? What really pulled you into that space?

Kalika Evans: I started around 2010, I just walked into a convention in 2009 and saw that people ACTUALLY dressed up as their favorite characters outside of Halloween. I had already taught myself to sew when I was younger, so now I had a good excuse to use one of my skills! I got pulled in more when I saw the cosplay masquerade, I thought everyone was so talented and I really wanted to try for myself (even though I was so shy I couldn’t even ask people for photos!)

Fabbri: What do you look for when you choose a character to cosplay? Is there a particular character trait you look for? Or is it more about aesthetic style?

Evans: A lot of the times I just pick my favorite characters, but lately I’ve started to realize I cosplay a lot of characters that are outside of my normal personality or DEAD ON to how I am. I’m either evil or a mom character, a “bad bish” or a cinnamon roll. Most of the time, I do have to vibe or really love the character in order to cosplay them.

Fabbri: Who’s a dream cosplay for you?

Evans: Oh I have A LOT of dream cosplays, most of which I feel too shy to complete yet. Shantae from Half Genie Hero, Queen Boo (of my own design) from the Mario series, and Captain Miss Fortune from League of Legends are just a few to start.

Fabbri: Is there anyone who inspires you?

Evans: Not to sound cheesy, but everyone who is living their dream as a cosplayer and doing what they love. I’m super inspired by the people who fight through the discrimination of the world too. To name a few: Subaru Camui, BriChibi, PeachMelk, Jez Roth, Pannon, Cheyenne Wise, the list goes on!

Fabbri: The type of media we consume had a lot to do with our creative juices. What do you look for on your entertainment? What do you want to see more of?

Evans: MORE DIVERSITY! I don’t mean just seeing more black cosplayers (though that would make me happy,) but I love seeing creative people make a character in their own way! Not everyone has to look picture perfect. I WANNA SEE MORE CHUBBY GIRLS AND BOYS TOO! I love seeing people just take what they love and run with it! I LOVE following content that you can see the passion and love they have for a character, series, or hobby!

“Do Not get mixed up in all the numbers and popularity side of cosplaying, it will hurt you.”

Fabbri: Any cosplay advice you’d give your younger self? Or someone just starting out?

Evans: Do Not get mixed up in all the numbers and popularity side of cosplaying, it will hurt you. Be careful of people who may only want to be around you because you have something they don’t, protect yourself. Overall, remember to have fun and not to over work yourself. Remember that this is your hobby, as much as you want it to become a career don’t make that the only thing you focus on or you may lose your passion, do it for you over all.