Writer Shawn Richter of The Marvel Report popped the question to his girlfriend Lisa Lower at the Avengers: Endgame premiere last night. The pair cosplayed as Captain America and Peggy Carter, a fitting choice for romantics and fans of the characters everywhere. The couple has been dating for a year and a half.
Richter explained as he pulled out the ring that Lower flew in from Portland to be there with him on the purple carpet. The author added while the ring is smaller than the Infinity Gauntlet, he was confident she’d love it.
Of course she said yes. Who would say no to Captain America?!
Watch the adorable proposal here. Check out Avengers: Endgame on April 26.


  1. Don’t forget Shawns current wife of 17 years. Lisa will be wife 3 after Shawn finishes his destruction of his current wife. Richter playbook is marry-divorce-marry-divorce. Marriage vows are intended to be ignored. As he continues to tear his current wife apart he refuses to support his son and pay joint expenses until the divorce is final. Shawn only uses his money on trips, hotels, autographs, Disney passes, costumes, new car and engagement ring. His current wife struggles to pay joint expenses to keep her son healthy and safe with a roof over his head. Hope she can protect her son from becoming his narcissistic dad so he will learn to love and protect his wife, respect and build on his vows and will not ignore responsibilities.

  2. Shawn Richter proposes to mistress despite the fact he has a wife of 17 years. He has not provided any $ support for his son because he is a narcissist and is more concerned about getting his way at any cost. He spent insane amounts for himself on trips, hotels, flights, autographs, costumes, new car and now a ring. Making selfish choices to propel his fame as his son is ignored. Maybe wife 3 will last longer but unlikely because the whole Richter clan playbook doesn’t support the entity of marriage. Instead of putting in time to have a healthy marriage, divorce is just another day for them and multiple divorces are a badge of honor. Only a narcissist would make choices that don’t include his son and then he proposes with his son at his side so he could hurt him as he witnesses his married father drive another stake through his mom’s heart. Knowing that his mom has stepped up and continues to be a “single mom” putting him first every time only to have his irresponsible father walk on the marriage vow and replace her with the next victim. His son should never be thrust between his mom and vindictive father.

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