The other morning, we linked to a Variety report on the option of a yet-unpublished graphic novel called 7th SON. Writer J.C. Hutchins wrote in to explain that is not quite the origin of the source material:

I wanted to let you know that the Variety article you cited was inaccurate in stating that 7th Son was a graphic novel series. It was actually a free “podcast novel” series — free serialized audiobooks that I released in 2006-07. Each week, listeners would receive a new chapter of the audiobook, narrated by me. A pretty cool way to build a fan base, which helped seal the print novel deal for this fall, and the option/development deal with WB.

Hutchins also mentioned that his debut print novel, Personal Effects: Dark Art, has just been published, and he described it as a “transmedia novel:”

Accompanying each copy of the book are more than a dozen tangible “personal effects” items, such as IDs, photos, legal documents and credit cards. These items are referenced in the novel (presented a first-person quasi “case file” presentation) as evidence. When readers combine clues in the novel with clues in these tangible “personal effects,” they are propelled into a story-enhancing narrative told online, via phone and email.

Which certainly sounds immersive if nothing else. We’re not familiar with Hutchins work (yet) but it sounds as if he’s taking advantage of all the media opportunities available to explore new ways of storytelling.


  1. 7th Son is Very good, the newest book by J.C. Hutchins, PERSONAL EFFECTS: DARK ARTS is provocative and fun also. Well worth the money to buy it. Loads of cool stuff to play with. If everyone buys one maybe the author will podcast the book. Podcasts are definitely worth checking out.

  2. 7th Son, the trilogy is definitely worth listening to and then buying when it is released later this year. It involves: cloning, government cover-ups, romance, hacking and starts off with a 4 year old killing the President. It’s definitely worth going to to check out.

    Personal Effects: Dark Art is a very immersive supernatural thilling book complete with tangible real feeilng documents, family photos, phone numbers & websites to check out. For a sneak peek at this world, check out Personal Effects: Sword of Blood, also on his sight.