Darwyncooke Parker2

The first of three adaptations of Richard Stark’s Parker novels by Darwyn Cooke is coming out this summer, and IDW has a preview of THE HUNTER. As you might expect, given that it’s Darwyn Cooke, there should be no surprise that it looks…delicious. Click the link for the whole thing.


  1. I have seen it and its amazing. some of the best storytelling in and out of comics and an instant classic and award winner.

    I.D.W. is letting the man do it his way and it shows.

  2. Good God, this is going to be amazing.
    I read the first three books last spring and I can see how those books appeal to Cooke. And anything that gets people to read Westlake/Stark’s books is a good thing.

  3. >> I never read the novels but >>

    Ohhhh, you’ve missed out, sir.

    I’ve read ’em a dozen times or more, and even tired to arrange to adapt ’em into comics once. They’re wonderful. I was very jealous that anyone else would get to do it, until I saw Darwyn’s pages. Now I’m not jealous, because hey, I get to read this wonderful stuff!


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