Okay, we don’t normally plug something that has no comics connection WHATSOEVER, but we are plugging our pal Sam’s show this Wednesday at Mo Pitkin’s . Here’s the description:

YMMV RADIO – LIVE ON STAGE 2007 – THE RETAIL ANARCHY TOUR “You will laugh, You will cry, You will never pay retail again.” A funny, informative live show with the hosts of “YMMV Radio”, America’s #1 radio show about saving money on anything and everything. Learn how to get groceries, electronics, travel, video games, office supplies, and much more for free! And no, we don’t mean by dumpster diving and eating out of the trash. If you have ever wondered why everything seems so expensive, then you can not afford to miss this show!

This may sound a little obscure, but we had dinner the other night with Sam and he explained that he and his fiancé are hardcore coupon clippers, and get most of their purchases for free. Now this may interest you for its money-saving possibilities, but it is Sam’s stories that are really mind boggling. Once you are into this lifestyle, apparently, it’s like the Mafia — you just can’t quit: rooms full of toilet paper, multi-state toothpaste buying sprees, mad dashes to every CVS in quest of a certain shampoo. Honest, we have heard a lot of things in our time, but we have never heard anything like this.

We’ll be showing up — in the meantime, you can read more here.