If you wanted any more proof that the home of DC Comics is now beautiful downtown Burbank, look no further than this blurb that popped up on my Facebook page:

Since the WB lot is home DC Comics, Conan stops by and realizes his dream of becoming a superhero!

In the event Conan O’Brien crosses the street to the WB Animation Building to sit down with creative director Peter Girardi and artists Bruce Timm. In the first segment, Conan makes fun of characters like Captain Boomerang and even Green Lantern — “This sounds like whoever invented this one he was trying to get out early for the weekend.” In the Timm segment he gets his own animated model sheet for Captaiin C, complete with old man socks AND fishnets….and a bit of “back.”

In the Timm segment, they’re sitting in front of a Green Lantern poster we hadn’t seen before…but that’s probably just us.


[via Andy Khouri]


  1. I’ve said it elsewhere, and I’ll say it here:

    Yes, yes, comic characters sure look silly and effeminate. Sigh. Man, when the audience immediately started laughing at Bat Lash, I knew exactly what kind of bit we were in for. And that was even before the gay jokes.

    There are plenty of things to make fun of about comics. But this just feels like a classic example of people making fun of things because they ARE comics. I was tired of this lazy “point and laugh at the nerd stuff” humor by the 90′s.

    Eh, all the more reason to prefer Craig Ferguson. Sure, he makes fun of Aquaman (the biggest target for lazy comedy for non-comic fans and fans alike), but at least he made him a recurring character. Plus, he sang a history of “Doctor Who” set to the theme, and has amazing banter with Stan Lee.

  2. I wouldn’t say that Conan was “making fun of things because they ARE comics” as much as he was making fun of outrageously goofy looking characters as they deserve.

    I love PLENTY of insanely cheesy comic characters, but I think it’s important to keep one foot in reality and understand that “Captain Boomerang” and the like ARE cheesy. As fans, we sometimes need to take the rose colored goggles off and see things as they are.

  3. Good thing Coco stopped his jibes at GREEN LANTERN— and left fellow Corps members G’nortAmanita… and Chaselon… unsnarked upon!

  4. Defend Bat Lash and Space Ranger and Green Lantern, sure, but does no one have a good word to say about Ultra the Multi-Alien? :-)